We would love to hear from you and find out what your thoughts were on the procedure, the earrings and how you and your baby are doing post-piercing.

You can send us your feedback via the comment box below.

51 Replies to “Feedback”

  1. I visited Jyoti jewlerys today with my four month old daughter for her ears to be done she looks so beautiful and pretty now it was a very good experience and the customer service was great I will definatly recommend if anybody is interested it was not so painful

  2. Took my daughter today to have her ears pierced. She was so brave only cried for a second… Very quick service, staffs were very polite. Highly recommended couldnt be more happier. Thank you!

  3. I have taken my 10 month old baby girl to have her ears pierced💎…stress free experiance.
    Quick and without trouble.
    Verry pleasant service.
    Thank you very much for pleasent experiance.
    Highly recomend the place.x👌👍💖

  4. Jyoti Jewellers were recommended to us for baby ear piercing and came with great reviews. I was quite nervous myself but the staff made us feel at ease. They were friendly and professional and spoke and interacted with my baby girl (Jasmine) which I felt was great. They had a range of white and yellow gold earrings to choose from. On whole we were very pleased with service.

  5. I had travelled from far just to get my babys ear pierced at Jyoti Jewellers through referral. I must say the travel was well worth it. Excellent service and such a friendly people. Recommend it any time. So very pleased to visit them. Keep up the good work👍👍👍

  6. I was very pleased with Jyoti Jewellers. We were anxious at first but after visiting Jyoti Jewellers we were at ease. We took our 8 month old daughter here to get her ears pierced. It was virtually pain free and the staff were very friendly and highly experienced in ear piercing. Aftercare was explained thoroughly too. I would highly recommend Jyoti Jewellers for ear piercing.

  7. Yesterday I went to Jyoti jewellery I was very pleased by the service. We did my baby ear piercing. I was very nervous but Deepak was very professional and very quick. My daughter cry less than 1 minute.
    I recommend Jyoti jewellery as everything was fantastic service.

  8. Today I brought my 7month old daughter to get her ears pierced. I was a little nervous but the friendly, polite staff made me feel really comfortable. Everything was explained clearly, the process and the aftercare. The prices are reasonable and there is a huge range of earrings to choose from. I would highly recommend Jyoti Jewellers. Thank you.

  9. After quite a lot of research I brought my 11yr old daughter here for ear piercing. We were very pleased with the friendly and kind service, aftercare advice and the earrings.

  10. We had our 16 week old daughters ears pierced today and we highly recommend jyoti jewellers, a lovely family, very friendly and professional and our daughter hardly cried. We are extremely pleased.

  11. We just had purchased nine year old daughter’s ears pierced. The staff were all so friendly and lovely. It was a wonderful event. My daughter barely felt a thing and everyone was happy. I highly recommend Jyoti Jewellers. Top notch service.

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