Ear piercing prices


Mother and Baby

The ear piercing procedure is the same for all, babies and adults alike. Our prices are irrespective of age.

Our ear piercing prices are all-inclusive and include the procedure, the sterilised earrings, and after-care lotion.

The earrings used are bought by reputed suppliers Studex.

They are hypoallergenic, sterilised and specifically manufactured for ear piercings. We offer earrings in stainless steel, gold, white gold and titanium,

TITANIUM earrings  :  FROM £28
GOLD earrings  :  FROM £32

We offer 9ct and 18ct gold and white gold earrings as well as titanium earrings.

For those under 16 wishing to pierce their ears, a parent or guardian must give their consent and be present during the procedure.