Jyoti Jewellers

Jyoti Jewellers

Jyoti Jewellers, home of Baby Ear Piercing, offers a wide variety of other services besides piercing.

Our services include:

Watch Repairs

We undertake all kinds of watch repairs such as changing batteries, replacing straps, changing the glass or circuit and more.

Jewellery Repairs

We carry out all types of jewellery repairs for gold, white gold and platinum as well as diamond jewellery. This includes soldering, mending, resizing, polishing and more.

Buying for Cash

We buy all gold, white gold, platinum and diamond jewellery for cash. We also buy sterling silver articles for cash.


We make jewellery valuations for insurance and other purposes.

Jewellery as per your design

We can make jewellery in gold, white gold, platinum and diamond, as per your design. You bring the design and we can make it possible.


We engrave all gold, white gold, platinum, and silver jewellery and articles.

Silver Articles

We sell a wide variety of silver articles such as glasses, bowls, plates, as well as murtis and all other Puja articles.


We sell all kinds of gemstones for a wide variety of purposes.

Nose Piercing

We also offer the service of nose piercing. This costs £12.