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  1. Excellent service and very friendly staff. Pierced my baby’s ears a few weeks ago and it was done professionally. Baby received a certificate as well!

  2. Very pleased with the ear piercing today in Jyoti Jewellers. They are professional and there is only slightly painful when piercing. Recommend! Thank you!

  3. The owners were very professional and friendly. I went to pierce my daughter’s ears and it was quick and the after care instructions were clear and throughough. I’m very happy with the service and will be recommending them to family and friends.

  4. Excellent Service. They were very professional and made me feel at ease. would definatly reccommened there service. Dipti Halai

  5. excellent place for baby piecing was really happy with the way we were welcomed and looked after. very clear instruction of aftercare given. lovely people too. happy customer:-)

  6. Pierced my daughter’s ears yesterday, was nice, clean and welcoming. The service was good and affordable. Would recommend it to all my friends and everyone. They are a nice friendly and respectful couple. Was pouring buckets and they had us stay in till it stopped. I loved their service.

  7. We had our daughters ear piercing done at Jyoti Jewellers and found them to be really professional and having patience. Very happy with their service with personal touch and would like to recommend them to all. Thank you!

  8. Just took my 4 Months baby girl to have her ear piercing and I just wanna thank this place for doing such a great job! I highly recommend this place for baby ear piercing… And I recommend buying the gold ear piercing, because is less painful for baby’s and they can keep the earring forever without changing. Great job!! Very happy customer and my baby girl looks fab 🙂

  9. Fantastic !! Got my 9 month old daughters ears pierced today and she didn’t even cry, friendly professional staff gently and most importantly very clean and hygienic ( personal and appearance of the shop ) best place ever, really happy customer x

  10. I got my daughters ear piercing done here she is 4 months, I recommend jyoti jewlers to anybody..very clean and reassuring very happy I went here.

  11. This review has been a long time coming and now I finally have the time!

    I got my daughters ears pierced when she was 7 months (Now 1 years old) The service was brilliant, the people were very friendly and explained everything, they cleaned her ears marked the spot in the middle first time and peirced both ears seperately very quickly. My daughter did not cry once all she did was blink. She was completely fine after and even got a little teddy as a reward for being brave.
    The earings are wonderful quality and I followed their aftercare instructions and she has never had a problem with infections or sleeping on them.

    Would definitely recommend then.

  12. I got my 3.5 month old daughter’s ears pierced at Jyoti Jewellers. Their customer service was brilliant as they spent time with us explaining about the various earring options available as well as preparing me and the baby prior to the piercing. I have already recommended Jyoti Jewellers to a couple of my friends who have booked to have their daughter’s ears pierced there too.

  13. My 9 month old baby got her ear piercing last week; I was really impressed with the service. They were extremely helpful, friendly and most importantly patient. The calm environment made the whole experience comfortable. Thank you.

  14. Amazing ear piercing service for babies. I must recommend it. My 6 months old daughter’s ear piercing done at jyoti jweller’s kingsbury last week.
    We are extremely happy with the services & the way they handle baby by distracting & giving ample of time to calm down and prepare.
    Their way of explaining what kind of stud to choose was really good.
    It was quick service & went better than expected.
    I must say worth travelling for 1.30 hours.

  15. We (mum and dad) drove 1.3hours to have our daughters ear pierced at Jyoti Jewelers and it was a fantastic experience. My daughter only cried for 10 seconds and that was it. The customer service was splendid and they took out time to explain what to expect before and after piercing.

  16. I got my 20 month old Daughters ears done today and I am extremely happy with the service. Helped me pick the right studs by explaining the difference. Were great at calming and distracting my daughter. It was a very fast procedure and all went better than expected. Would highly recommend.

  17. I am very happy with the shops service. My 7 year old’s ears got pierced with so much patience and understanding. Very professional and friendly people. Thank you.

  18. I would highly recommend Jyoti Jewellers. My 6 yr old had her ears pierced for the first time there 4 days ago and it was such a pleasurable experience. I was very reassured by the calm and professional approach from the staff. The procedure was carried out under very sterile conditions with single use cartridge guns. My little girl did not feel any pain and will remember this as a very enjoyable experience.

  19. I am very happy with thr result. I went with my 8 months daughter and she give 2 teras after all. Very quickly and profetional service , it was worth to travel 1.5 h.

  20. My daughter’s ears got pierced there on last Friday ..Absolutely happy with the service and the ambience was really calm.My lil one cried just for few minutes,after that she was all ok .I would definitely recommend this jewellers 🙂

  21. Had my babygirls ears pierced today.
    Excellent choice of earrings , caring service and calm environment. Thank you so much for making this such an easy experience. Would recommend

  22. Fantastic service and detailed explanation of the whole procedure from start to finish. I simply stumbled across the website when looking for where to get my baby’s ears pierced and am so glad we came here. A lovely couple who took time to make us (mum and dad) and most importantly our daughter feel comfortable. Thank you!!

  23. I went and got my nose pierced at Jyoti Jewellers and was so pleased with the result. The gentleman that pierced my nose and the lady who worked there were both so kind and friendly. He was patient and worked with me, which made it easier and did not rush or force the process. It was a quick and easy process, and after my nose I decided to go back the next day to get my top ear pierced which was again a quick and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend for what ever piercing needed, as I would go again if I needed to. Also the price was reasonable and worth it.

  24. Very satisfied with the service. Got my 9 month old daughter’s ears pierced today. The gentleman in charge did the job with patience and care. Generally a friendly atmosphere and great location. Easy to reach.

  25. My 9 year old daughter wanted her ears pierced, so I wanted to find an establishment that took children’s ear piercing seriously. I’ve been looking for over a year and finally came across this lovely couple. After viewing the comments here, seeing the council issued license permitting them to pierce baby’s and children’s ears and what they have to say about their business online, I decided to give them a call. They were helpful, polite and didn’t try to push me into getting it done. I decided to pay them a visit and am so glad I did. My daughter and I felt totally at ease, the studs were put in exactly the right place and the price was extremely reasonable. We drive for over two hours to get there (we come from Rochester in Kent) so should go some to indicate how good these people are. Highly recommended as far as I’m concerned and well worth the journey. Thank You!

  26. The service excellent,we wear very pleased with the way the whole process. The couple are very friendly. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and I would recommend Jyoti Jewellers to everyone!

  27. We had our baby’s ears pierced 2 days go. The jewellers were very friendly and professional. We chose a beautiful pair of pink flower studs for our baby and she is looking adorable. She (and her sympathetic brother!) cried for a very short after the piercing but have been absolutely fine since then. She is feeding and sleeping as normal. Aftercare was well explained and so far, so good. Thank you Jyoti Jewellers.

  28. We took our 7 month old baby, Amila to have her ears pierced at Jyoti jewellers. We were recommended from a friend, and we were very pleased that we travelled from Ealing to kingsbury. The owner and his daughter who works there, made Amila at ease, were friendly and fun. She was distracted and didn’t pay too much attention to what was happening, which made it a nice experience. Thank you!

  29. The service is very good. We are very happy with the process, studs and after care. My Daughter(Lucky) is very happy. She did not get any infection and pain after the piercing. We recommend jyoti jewellers.

  30. Great service… it was done in less than 3 minutes for my 2 and half year old baby.. definitely will suggest jyoti jewellers.

  31. Amazing service. My partner and I were extremely pleased with the level of care and service of the staff. The level at which the staff ensured that the equipment were sterile and that we were happy with the spot at which the earring would be positioned was exceptional. Extremely pleased with them. Would definitely recommend them 🙂

  32. I was very very pleased with the treatment and sevice i recieved from jyotti jewellers the lady was very helpfull with helping me make my daughters bottle, whilst the man pierced my daughters ears he was very reassuring and very very clean thank you for all your help very much recommended for all babies

  33. I was very anxious about getting my daughter’s ear’s pierced, however I was reassured many times (thank you!) and my and my baby are very happy! Thanks for making this a comfortable experience!

  34. From recommendation I came here for baby ear piercing (I live in Kent), and I was very pleased with the way the whole process was carried out! The couple are very friendly and professional. My daughter (Louise) is doing very well. I would recommend Jyoti Jewellers to everyone!

  35. I was really pleased with the service at Jyoti Jewellers. They were very professional and ensured me and my baby (Rhea) were as comfortable as possible during the process! Thank you!

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